Minecraft Loves Docker

Minecraft Server on Docker ⛏ 🐳

Introduction Minecraft is a great game and when it comes to multiplayer, a dedicated server is the way to go (here’s why1). Myself and a few others recently decided to start playing this game again, and I took the opportunity to deploy the server in my lab. A Minecraft server does not require a ton of resources to run, However from my experience the more resources you can throw at it the better, especially when you start to introduce mods and more than a few players....

May 24, 2022 · 5 min · 965 words · ahmza
Pi Docker Swarm

Building a Docker Swarm With Pi's 👾 👾 👾 👾

Intro The Raspberry Pi from it’s first iteration has been a great hit. Adopted by many as the computer of choice for projects, and for very good reason. The Pi is a fully fledged computer that fits in your pocket and the most recent edition has blown fans away with the flagship model boasting an ARM64 CPU and 8GB of RAM. Now one Raspberry Pi 4 8GB is more than powerful enough for most workloads and in some cases totally unnecessary, so you may even get away with a single 4GB model....

December 12, 2021 · 11 min · 2290 words · ahmza