Pi Docker Swarm

Building a Docker Swarm With Pi's 馃懢 馃懢 馃懢 馃懢

This post is no longer valid as the cluster runs Kubernetes. The build process is the same Intro The Raspberry Pi from it鈥檚 first iteration has been a great hit. Adopted by most as the computer of choice for projects. The Pi is a fully fledged computer that fits in your pocket and the most recent edition boasts an ARM64 CPU and 8GB of RAM. Now one Raspberry Pi 4 8GB is more than powerful enough for most workloads, so you may even get away with a single 4GB model....

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ssh-alt image

Securing SSH 馃

Introduction SSH is a widely used protocol to access remote devices. The problem with SSH is at the authentication stage, Brute force attacks are one of the ways an SSH connection is compromised. A malicious actor will constantly hammer the remote host with different passwords until it can gain access. With further configuration of SSH we can make the service a lot more secure. Configure SSH Famous last words: Configuring SSH like many things in Linux is as simple as editing a few config files...

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abstracted reverse proxy diagram

Setup an NGINX Reverse Proxy 馃ジ

Introduction In this post we will go over setting up an NGINX reverse proxy to allow different web services to reach the outside world. We will also cover setting up auto renewing SSL certificates. Why not just port forward the services, it does the same thing Right? Reverse proxies are a great way to expose web services to the outside world in a more secure and customisable manner. Some of the features that a reverse proxy provides are as follows:...

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