Hello World

The mandatory hello world when you start something new.

I’d like to say thank you for visiting my site and I hope that you gain something valuable from it.

A bit about me

I’m currently based in the UK in the early stages of my career. And like most people - possibly you - I am very interested in learning new technologies and techniques.

I get bored fairly easily and so I have to keep my self busy by learning new stuff. The reason this site exists is because I wanted to learn how web servers work and long the way I learned a lot of other stuff too.

I feel If you are interested in something then definitely go ahead and try to learn it I’m sure you will learn a lot more than you expect. Like a lot of people say

Its about the Journey as much as it is the destination

I have always tinkered and naturally gained an interest for technology, I don’t limit myself to one part of tech I try to dabble a bit in everything. I love photography as you operate the camera and in certain situations have to learn to develop film πŸ˜‚ but I also get to incorporate the creative side.

Check out my photography focused site here photos.ahmza.com

If you would like to learn more about me then feel free to contact me on any of my social media.