You need to learn Linux because there is no reason not to. If you are pursuing a career in IT, without a doubt you will come across Linux and having even basic knowledge is very helpful. Many people struggle with the OS simply because it’s fundamentally different compared to the other operating systems, but with a bit of time you can master the basics and unlock it’s true power.

But Why

Linux is everywhere, from data centres to your smart toaster. So if you are interesting in anything IT related then it’s a great asset to have.

Linux is great for power users because it allows you to customise all aspects of your workflow to make it yours. The amount of customisability is mind blowing and an endless rabbit hole which is awesome as there is always something you could implement to improve your workflow.

Another great aspect of the customisability is the crazy number of options you can choose from to theme and tailor the Linux desktop experience to your liking. For some great and inspiring examples checkout r/unixporn . This is what drove me to switch to Linux and Arch specifically.

Linux is very Light weight (Depending on Distribution) and much faster than competing operating systems simply because more often than not the distributions of Linux are not filled with bloatware. The most extreme examples of this are distros like Arch or something like LFS (Linux From Scratch) where you get a completely bare bones installation of Linux and are required to install everything from Network Managers, to the Desktop Environment, although this can seem pointless at the start as you use more and more distros you will find things you like and don’t on each and something like Arch allows you to choose every bit of software that is installed and come up with something completely custom. Plus then you can say I use Arch BTW

How can you start

Install Linux as your main OS

This is the full send option.

A great Distribution that I recommend is Manjaro with KDE Plasma as it offers a heavily customisable desktop environment KDE Plasma and Manjaro itself is a great as it’s Arch based but does not require you to start from step 0.

MacOS Terminal

MacOS is actually UNIX based and so if you have an apple Mac/MacBook all you need is the Terminal application. I used this on my work machine and it’s a great alternative to the full send option. However I do not recommended this if you don’t own one of these devices already due to cost 💸

Windows WSL

The Windows Subsystem for Linux is another great option to get started with Linux, it installs the Linux Kernel in windows and allows you to play around in a real Linux environment.

Virtual Machines

If there is a specific Distribution of Linux you want to try then this is a great option. However if you want to simply get to know Linux then choose the MacOS terminal or WSL methods as they are a lot lighter on system resources


Why are you still reading go and get stuck in with Linux 💨

As with anything learning Linux is a journey and will take time. Enjoy the experience of learning it and uncovering it’s hidden powers because it is well worth it. I have linked some great resources for other great Linux related content that helped me.

DT youtube Channel


Arch Wiki (Although specific to Arch this is a great knowledge base, also useful for Manjaro as it’s Arch based)